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The Cortell Group is group of companies that are focused on enhancing the performance of its clients through the application of world-class Business Intelligence and Performance Management technologies. It provides solutions in the fields of Business Intelligence, Budgeting and Planning, Consolidations, Costing, Data Warehousing, Dashboards and Reporting and Performance Management. The companies share technologies and through it global presence are able to serve clients in virtually any part of the world. Since its inception the group has served approximately 400 significant clients in many different parts of the world. All Cortell companies are operated and owned by their individual shareholders. To find out more about the activities of an entity in your region or interest area, click on one of the entities below or follow the group activities in this website.

Cortell provides a comprehensive range of Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing and Performance Management Products. These includes a range of IBM Cognos products such as TM1, as well as in-house developed products such as ValuMax ABC and IntelliMax Hospital Intelligence. An associated company markets an accounting system Merco.
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Cortell provides development, implementation, training and support services for all the products it develops and implements. These include Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing and Performance Management Products. It provides solutions to Hospitals, Universities, Public Sector, Manufacturing, Logistics and other industries.