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Management Team

Management Team

Name Ernest Glad


MCom , CA (SA), ACMA, BSc (Hons), ACA (New Zealand)


Cortell International, Cortell SA, Cortell Cape Town, Cortell New Zealand, Cortell Software, Cortell Health, Cortell Supply Chain Solutions, Cor Competence Consulting Africa, Cortell North America, Cortell Tertiary Solutions and Meridian
Experience 35 Years
Email Ernest.Glad@cortellgroup.com
Phone +64 27 588 1442
Fields Consulting, Retail, Banking, Logistics, Manufacturing, Tertiary Education

Name Elise Glad
Qualifications   B Com, B Ed, HED
Directorships Cortell New Zealand
Experience 20 Years
Email Elise.Glad@cortellgroup.com
Phone +64 9 580 2200
Fields Administration

Name Belinda Johnson
Qualifications   B Com, CA
Directorships Cortell New Zealand
Experience 12 Years
Email Belinda.Johnson@cortellgroup.com
Phone +64 27 588 1445
Fields Financial, Projects, Manufacturing

Name Matthew Hill
Qualifications   BBS
Directorships Cortell Australia
Experience 12 Years
Email Matthew.Hill@cortellgroup.com
Phone +61 406 869 093
Fields Marketing and projects (Public Sector)