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Insight for Hospital Perofrmance Management and a focus on Patient Value

IntelliMax is a comprehensive Performance Management solution for hospitals that takes a multi-disciplinary approach to managing performance by focusing on the areas indicated in this diagram. It is a web-based solution that uses Activity-based costing as well as advanced Business Intelligence technologies to provide insight into performance problems in hospitals. It allows Hospital Executives and Operational Managers to “keep their finger on the pulse”, to not only identify new strategic opportunities for their hospitals but be kept informed where performance is not meeting expectations. 

It is strongly Patient-Centric and provides costs and profitability views around patients and cases, quality, safety and outcome, productivity and capacity analysis as well as revenue and contract analysis. We can also provide sophisticated Budgeted and Planning solutions by linking to some Cortell products.

It enables users with little or no computer expertise to easily navigate through the system by views presented by an intuitive dashboard or perform ad-hoc analysis using the cube technology available in the system.

For more information visit www.cortellhealth.com

This products is normally delivered through Cortell Health which is a specialist hospital performance management company.