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IBM Cognos TM1 Business Intelligence

IBM Cognos TM1 Business Intelligence

IBM Cognos TM1 provides a real-time approach to consolidating, viewing, and editing enormous volumes of multidimensional data. Using a patented, 64-bit, in-memory OLAP server, IBM Cognos TM1 has a proven track record supporting financial performance management and operational performance. IBM Cognos TM1 has received some of the industry's highest ratings for helping organizations drive better business decisions, with faster implementation times and lower IT costs. TM1 provides 'speed of thought' response to driver-based what-if scenarios and self-service analysis of multi-dimensional data.

  • Ease of use, thanks to a development environment that enables users to create sophisticated applications with no need for programming or traditional IT skills.

  • A patented in-memory calculation engine that provides compact data storage and exceptionally fast performance.

  • Model design and data access that presents business information in familiar formats.

  • An intuitive, flexible approach, which enables users to easily express complex, multi-dimensional business rules (for example, cost allocation rules which span multiple cost centres or products).

  • Built-in data integration capabilities to access IT-managed systems of record.

  • Enterprise-Ready Web Deployment.

  • Take advantage of maintenance-free reporting and input template creation for both Excel and Web environments. IBM Cognos TM1 Executive Viewer has an XML format for view definition and rendering, providing an easy way to create programmatic maintenance and deployment routines.

Cortell are IBM Business Partners and have more experience in implementation of TM1 in New Zealand than any other company. Our clients benefit from accelerated implementation and development processes that we adopt, combined with the business knowledge and expertise we bring to the table. This ensures that our overall solutions integrate fully with the specific requirements of the organisation and a best-practise seamless implementation is delivered.

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