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The agricultural sector is responsible for a significant role in the economy; it is quite literally the bread and butter. At Cortell we already work with some of the most recognised companies within this sector.

From Rain to the Table

Cortell’s comprehensive understanding of the supply chain in agriculture and our experience in business mean that we are able to add significant value to this large and dynamic sector of the economy.

When it comes to maximising returns, everything matters: From the calving rates to the price of steak on the plate of a New York restaurant; the travel requirements to achieve the perfection of a flower in a vase in Japan; or the starch level of field of grain to the rise of the bread in a premium Melbourne bakery.

“All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” (George Orwell, Animal Farm)

The decisions you make in the way you select and process your livestock, crop, or produce are critical. Being able to model potential downstream impacts of decisions is essential in today’s global market. Information enables you to make sound strategic decisions where all factors can be considered – what really is the most profitable option?

Whether you are determining the best contribution margin as it relates to the cut profiles for lamb carcases based on the prevailing market conditions and demands of the day; the downstream  impact on reducing stock numbers versus the costs of purchasing supplementary feed; or the true value of a produce line to your business after spoils, transportation, storage, promotional contributions, and cost-to-serve factors have been taken into account , Cortell has the expertise and capabilities to put in systems and solutions that ensure you are always ahead of the game.

Production and capacity planning, optimisation of resources, and the financial modelling of proposed decisions enable you to have a greater ability to make decisions quickly and effectively.