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Not For Profit

Not For Profit

There are many organisations that have a primary focus on the community, they are not government based, and often they are run with a significant volunteer component.

Understanding drivers and costs and delivering transparency on processes is vital for these organisations. The dollars have to stretch a long way and Cortell works to deliver systems that enable best practise delivery of financial and operational systems to support the delivery of core objectives.

As a responsible corporate citizen Cortell also undertakes pro-bono work with specific organisations to make sure that we do our part in strengthening and building the communities in which we work. We also pull strings and get additional buy-in from suppliers to ensure that costs are kept to an absolute minimum.

Because we have a universal philosophy in our entire business of empowerment of users, the people in this sector of our economy also enjoy the benefits of being able to take charge of ongoing development and implementation.

“There are three kinds of people in this world: those who won’t help; those that only help because they have to; and those who help because they can.”