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Cortell has conducted consulting and development assignments for a number of Manufacturing Companies.

Examples of work include:

Factory Costing

Factory costing systems have been built tracing products through all the factory and warehousing processes until they reached the customer. These systems included bill-of-material systems and activity-based costing systems.

Budgeting systems
Budgeting solutions have been built for Dairy, Tire, Chemical and Packaging companies. These include cash flow, product and operational budgets.

Capital budgeting systems
Capital budgeting solutions have been built for organizations with a large number of capital projects where cash flows are modeled and these models have also been linked to operating statements allowing for the movement of projects over time, movement of starting and capitalization times, S-curves and decisions to include or exclude projects.

Web Information Portals
Portals have been built linking information from a number of ERP systems to a central repository such as a data mart and then providing a Web Information Portal as a single point of entry for executives to access reports or obtain ad hoc information.

Economic Value Modeling
Economic value modeling systems have been built for an organization with a large number of operating divisions and the model depicted impacts of product prices, exchange rates, financing structures on both short term and long term economic value.