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Intellimax - Hospital Intelligence

Intellimax - Hospital Intelligence

The IntelliMax Patient Intelligence system has been developed to give insight into patient use of hospital resources and the cost implications of this relationship. It provides information to cost managers and clinical analysts alike to analyze volume and cost patterns to provide insight into effective treatment and utilization of facilities.

Insight for cost effective patient treatment and hospital management

The IntelliMax system is used by hospitals to measure the profitability of patient care episodes and to provide a basis for further clinical analysis in order to improve methods of treatment.

It brings together all elements of a patient care episode into one system and provides insight into the cost of care, the income derived from the particular episode as well as the utilization of the hospital’s resources. It can even be deployed on a hospital Intranet, making its use and accessibility widespread.

IntelliMax can be installed as a stand-alone patient analysis system or could be integrated into the hospital's data warehousing architecture. Information regarding the patient event is collected from feeder systems, such as laboratory systems, roster systems, ward management, theatre management or other systems.

Data is appropriately screened and cleaned to ensure integrity, and volumes of throughput are then fed to costing systems which calculates cost rates for procedures and products. Cost rates and revenue streams are linked back to the IntelliMax system to provide profitability views by product, procedure, facility or other entities that the hospital requires.

State-of-the-art OLAP (multidimensional database) technology is used to analyze information and to extract information from databases, alleviating the need for specialized IT skills to extract and report on information from the system. The IntelliMax system links seamlessly to Cortell’s Activity-Based Costing system.

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