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Merco - Business Accounting Software

Merco - Business Accounting Software

Merco business accounting software is a management system providing managers and staff the capability to manage and control all aspects of business, Customers, Suppliers, Staff, Products, Operations and at the same time process the relevant accounting transactions in an integrated way.

Merco is a unique new product that is built for the modern business:

  • It is a true web-based solution making it possible to roll out across the enterprise with a zero footprint on client machines, connecting people anywhere.

  • Fully integrated CRM, Business Management solution and Business Accounting software where changes in one area automatically updates all other relevant areas, no interfaces required for accounting updates.

  • Uses modern Business Intelligence technologies to extract, manipulate and report information.

  • Uses Microsoft technologies and therefore easy to integrate with Excel, Word, etc.

  • User configurable settings, menus and views.

  • Workflow deployed to help managers control important processes such as expense management and leave processing.

  • Unique features like Company calendar and News, To Do lists and Electronic help files.

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