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Public Sector

Public Sector

Cortell has conducted consulting and development assignments for a number of Public Sector Companies.

Cortell Consulting has extensive experience in the development and implementation of solutions for the public sector. It is also actively involved with training in the field of Performance Management.

The following gives an indication of the type of projects Cortell has undertaken for the Public Sector:

Defense Force Budgeting and Planning

An online budgeting and planning solution was built for a Defense Force providing national access to 400 users. This system interfaces with SAP and allowed multiple scenarios to be evaluated and was eventually extended to cover 5 year operating plans as well as long term capital projects. A costing solution was also provided to support output reporting in terms of Public Reporting requirements.

Education Department Fee modeling
A statistical analysis was done of education fees to determine drivers of fees and predict fees and impacts on inflation.
Land Information Costing and Budgeting

An Activity-Based Costing was developed for all the products and services (approximately 8000) of a government land agency. These included both manually produced as well as electronic products and covered multiple regional branches. The system was also integrated with the organization's budgeting system. Costing was also done to support output based reporting.

Social Services internal charging and costing

A project was done to measure costs of internal services and do correct internal charging to other departments.

Health Budgeting and Funding
This project provided a web based budgeting system for the department and also linked to the Funding allocation projects.

Local Councils

Budgeting, costing and reporting solutions have been developed for a number of local and regional councils.