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Planning - Forecast / Demand / Merchandise

Planning - Forecast / Demand / Merchandise

As today's fast-paced marketplace is requiring organisations to respond more and more rapidly to fluctuations in demand, having timely sales information (and associated metrics) at our fingertips is becoming increasingly important.

Cortell's Merchandise Planning solutions enable enhanced analytics and facilitate information visibility throughout product and organisational hierarchies.

Cortell specialises in tailoring solutions to meet individual business needs. Because our solutions are flexible, alignment with the overarching organisational strategy is easily achievable. Business logic is simply embedded into the inventory models every step of the way.

Cortell's solutions enable both top down and bottom up approaches to Merchandise Planning, with the ability to manage and track variables and metrics over time; whether it is at the enterprise, product line, category, or even individual product level.

At Cortell we have expertise in:

  • Strategic planning
  • Pre-season analysis
  • Monitoring KPIs and store grading
  • Forecasting
  • Exception Reporting (Aged stock, etc.)
  • Weekly category level reporting and planning (Markdown %'s, variance analysis, etc.)
  • Range and line level planning
  • Pricing and break-even analysis

A crystal ball and a magic mirror are what most people in business would desire above all else. The closest we can get are powerful tools for forecasting and planning.

Being able to determine the likely impacts on your business within a complex set of in-put variables and potential outcomes means you are able to remain nimble and dynamic to mage and negotiate the market conditions.

“What-if” capabilities enable business leaders to model the consequences of decisions before action is taken; it also means being able to determine impact and make appropriate changes and recommendations in response to external factors as they happen.

Cortell’s strength in financial modelling allows our clients to plan and forecast accurately. Decisions are made with confidence and clarity.