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ValuMax - Activity Based Costing System

ValuMax - Activity Based Costing System

The ValuMax system has been developed for organizations that wish to integrate ABC into their operational systems and be able to produce costing on a regular and cost effective basis. It caters for extremely large volumes of data with thousands of resources, cost objects and activities and can handle complex organizations.

ValuMax has a sophisticated cost calculation mechanism that is able to transfer cost in many thousands of directions and solves simultaneous cost equations that exist in large complex businesses. The system has specifically been adapted for financial institutions to navigate the branch infrastructure. It is also used successfully for IT costing applications and in hospitals.

This object-oriented development handles objects such as business units, processes, activities, tasks, volumetric measures, cost and resource drivers, cost transfer mechanisms, cost objects, transfer pricing and actual costing, bill-of-material structures, output to multi-dimensional databases and standard reporting, full import capabilities from external sources and databases, benchmarking and a multitude of activity and cost object analyses.

ValuMax provides reporting in the format of OLAP cubes and also exports to certain OLAP cubes such as TM1. It runs on MS SQL Server, Oracle or other SQL compliant databases. A product that supports your business intelligence needs.

For more info www.valumaxabc.com

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